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Biblical/Christian Evidence and Issues

In this section we will offer some of the reasons why I/we believe the Bible and Christianity are true. This will offer detailed discussion of things such as the Resurrection of Christ, Archaeology, The Canon, The Exodus, etc, etc. It will also focus on a few Christian Doctrinal issues.

Evidences I--Examination of the Dead Sea Scrolls, Various Archaeological Evidence, Refuting the JEDP Documentary Hypothesis bologna, Were the NT writers influenced by Hellenism, When were the Synoptics/Acts written?

Evidences II--More information on the Exodus (quasi-supplemental to the JEDP section of Evidences I), Discussion of Ancient Flood Stories, Are the NT documents reliable accounts (also comparison of those documents w/other ancient documents), various archaeological evidence for the Bible

Soul Sleep--An evaluation of the belief that all who are saved are "asleep" or oblivious to anything until the general resurrection. The Witnesses are one of the primary cults who contend that this is true. Certainly not as big a deal as other Biblical doctrines but worth examining anyway

Does Hell Exist?--The Witnesses contend that it does not and those who reject Christ will "cease to exist" after their mortal bodies die

Water Baptism--Is it required to be saved?

The Great Trilemma--Is Jesus Lord, Liar, or Lunatic?

When was the Book of Daniel written?--Before or after the events foretold in it? Glenn Miller answers that question in detail

The Bogus Quote Parade--Skeptics are constantly putting up lists of "creationist lies" and such, here's Tektonics' analysis of several skeptical whoppers circulating around cyberspace

Does God condone slavery in the Bible?, by Glenn Miller--Better put, what kind of "slavery" is advocated in the Bible? Most skeptics are totally confused about this issue

Q/Marcan Priority Series--J.P. Holding's analysis of the hypothetical Q document and its relationship with the NT and the 4 Gospels specifically

Why Bible Critics Don't Deserve the Benefit of the Doubt--J.P. Holding's essay concerning those who promote "Irrefutable Biblical Contradictions" and other nonsense

Did the NT authors invent the miracle stories in the Gospels?--Glenn Miller's in-depth piece answering that very question